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Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) of research studies and evidence syntheses on assessment of practices to reduce post-weaning diarrhoea in pigs.


The objectives of this project are: a. Provide Rapid Evidence Assessments (REAs) on practices that reduce post-weaning ydiarrhoea according to AHDB's draft Evidence Standards. These practices are listed in the Evidence for Farming Initiative (EFI) request for quote and are grouped into nutritional changes, management practices and immune status. b. Outline where there are exisiting evidence synthesis and the nature of these syntheses. c. Translate REAs into summaries for each practice that can be presented to producers through EFI. i) Much of what has already been reviewed should be summarised if possible ii) Conduct returns on investment (ROI), to be discussed and agreed with AHDB. d. Outline where there are gaps in the evidence base that EFI might seek to address through the commissioning of primary research. e. Outline future data developments and technologies ( such as big data and AI for predictive analytics) that could give greater insights than current research and data methods. f. Provide feedback on EFI framework and the generation and application of evidence standards.

Bethan John
SAC Commercial Ltd
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