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Rapid Evidence Assessment: Risks to Human Health from Antimicrobial Resistance in the Water Environment


<p>The aim of this REA is tol review evidence to respond to the following primary question:</p>
<p>What pathways are most responsible for disseminating ‘resistance’ from the aquatic environment into humans?</p>
<p>And the secondary questions:</p>

<li>What are the factors affecting the transmission of AMR and ARGs from the water environment into humans? E.g. exposure times and frequency, physical conditions in the environment, etc.</li>
<li>To what extent does the transfer of genes play a role in the spread of resistance and what are the implications of this to human health?</li>
<li>What evidence is there that exposure to the pathways (e.g. bathing or drinking water) is contributing to clinical infections that cannot be treated with existing antibiotics?</li>

Harper Adams University College
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