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Rapid Risk Assessment: What is the long-term risk of erucic acid to UK consumers if sunflower oil in food is substituted with refined rapeseed oil?


The aim of the risk assessment is to establish whether substitution of sunflower oil with rapeseed oil could lead to adverse health effects in consumers as a consequence of the increased exposure to erucic acid, a natural constituent of the rapeseed oil. It has been assumed that: all blended vegetable oil and sunflower oil is replaced with rapeseed oil all other regulatory frameworks associated with the production of food grade refined low erucic acid rapeseed oil are adhered to, including the composition of infant formula (where erucic acid content shall not exceed 0.4 % of the total fat content).

Cath Mulholland; James Donarski; Joseph Shavila; Rhoda Aminu; Barry Maycock; Krystle Boss
Risk Assessment Unit Science, Evidence and Research Division, FSA and the Risk Assessment Team Science Division, FSS
Funding Source