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Relational Database of Predictive Microbiology Information


(1) To incorporate data sets of the USDA/ARS into an existing relational database entitled ComBase, maintained by the Institute for Food Research; (2) To produce an internet version of the ComBase browser; (3) To fit raw
predictive microbiology data to the Baranyi model; (4) To incorporate predictive microbiology data from the published literature and from collaborators in the ComBase.

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The cooperative project will involve separate yet related activities focused on the development of a robust relational database of predictive microbiology data. An internet version of the database browser will be produced by utilizing portions of programming code provided by the IFR.
The ARS wil have the primary role in producing the internet browser; IFR will provide guidance for the design and function of the browser, including evaluating the prototypes. After the development of the internet browser,
the program will be transferred to the IFR which will also host it on their sever. The IFR and ARS will refit raw PMP predictive microbiology data to the Baranyi model, enter new ARS and IFR predictive microbiology data into
the database, and incorporate predictive microbiology data from the published literature and other collaborators.

Tamplin, Mark
Institute for Genomic Research
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