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Replication Defective Adenovirus Vectored Pandemic Influenza


The purpose of these studies is to evaluate the serum and mucosal immune response of chicken to intranasal and intramuscular immunization with the AdVIET1203.H5 adneovirus-vectored influenza vaccine, and to determine the efficacy of this vaccine in preventing morbidity and mortality, and reduction of viral shed following a lethal avian influenza challenge.

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APPROACH: Two immunogenicity studies and two efficacy studies will be conducted using the adenovirus-vectored influenza vaccine in chickens. Different routes of inoculation and vaccine doses will be examined. In the efficacy studies chickens will be challenged with different influenza viruses. Determination of both humoral and mucosal immune response will be evaluated, as also protection against lethal influenza infection.
PROGRESS: 2005/10 TO 2006/09
Progress Report 4d Progress report. This agreement has not come to full execution and there is nothing to report at this time.

Suarez, David; Pantin-Jackwood, Mary
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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