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REPRO - Reducing Food Processing Waste


There is great pressure from consumers and legislation (e.g. EC Landfill Directive) for food processors to reduce disposal of co-product wastes, which are biologically complex, environmentally unfriendly, and often microbiologically unstable. REPRO addresses all requirements of T6.6 Recycling and upgrading organic wastes from the food chain in environmentally friendly food production. New methods will be developed to upgrade large, poorly addressed waste co-products [vegetable trimmings and spent grain], to higher-value materials and to utilize whole waste.

This involves:
<OL type="a"> <LI> integrated procedures for ensuring microbiological safety, stability and traceability of co-products;
<LI> development of tailored bioprocesses for precisely extracting and modifying waste co-products / components;
<LI> integration of the bioprocesses with advanced extraction, filtration and drying technologies.

More information

Novel, hybrid methods and processes will deconstruct co-products into defined and marketable product streams while ensuring water recycling. Outputs will include pharmaceuticals, food ingredients and feed ingredients. Exploitation will be maximized by carrying out risk analysis of consumer/retailer acceptance, technological feasibility, economic viability, environmental safety and legislative compliance. This follows the fork-to-farm principle and contributes to Area 5.4.6. The interdisciplinary, trans-sectorial and problem-solving collaboration of world-class research organizations (science and industry) from the EU and Candidate Countries will contribute to development of an integrated ERA, and enhance the standing of science as a career. Dissemination across the food industry and consumer/retailer sectors will involve development of Stakeholder Interaction Platforms and a Brokerage Platform. REPRO will last 3 years; its IMPACT will be sustainable.
<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> website.

Waldron, Keith
Institute of Food Research, UK
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