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Research Partnership with Konkuk University Division of Food and Bioscience (Kku)


<p>This NFCA is to formalize a relationship between Diet, Genomics, and Immunology Laboratory (DGIL), BHNRC and KKU. The two Institutes' shared interest in the objectives are</p><ol><li>To conduct collaborative research related to diet, food-derived bioactives, and chronic disease prevention.</li><li>To train students and faculties from KKU on related technologies.</li><li>To develop collaborative projects between ARS scientist and KKU scientist. The food-derived bioactives may include, but not be limited to phytoalexin, indoles, Isothiocyanate and flavonoids.</li></ol>

More information

<ol><li>KKU will send students and faculty to USDA-ARS to work with ARS scientists on projects related to USDA-ARS project plan objectives.</li><li>USDA-ARS scientist will serve as mentor and/or collaborator for KKU scientists.</li><li>USDA-ARS will send ARS scientist to KKU to work with KKU scientist on project related to USDA-ARS projects objectives.</li></ol>

Wang, T. T.
Konkuk University
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