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Risk Assessment of Campylobacter


Coordinate activities with Icelandic and Canadian collaborators as specified in CSREES Project #0202316; direct studies pertaining to this project covering spatial analyses (GIS), temporal relationships to Campylobacter transmission, human and veterinary epidemiology, and phylogenetic data (derived by ARS cooperators) in relation to one another; contribute to any adjustments in the sampling design on an on-going basis during the project in consultation with the ADODR and project cooperators.

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Consistent with specifications of CSREES Project #0202316, integrate epidemiological data collection, microbiological analysis, genetic sequencing patterns and process risk model components. Maintain continuous communications with Icelandic and Canadian collaborators to solve problems, refine sampling strategy and compile and summarize collected data will be overseen by the Cooperating institution. CSREES project #0202316 may be consulted for further details on the nature and extent of the collaboration.

Stern, Norman
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
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