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Risk from Listeria in smoked fish and survey of knowledge of smoked fish


The risk assessment was carried out in June 2022 by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) with the purpose of qualitatively estimating the level of risk of Listeria monocytogenes to vulnerable consumers in the UK from the consumption of ready-to-eat smoked fish. Meanwhile, the survey was carried out by Ipsos UK in November 2022 to explore UK consumers’ knowledge of and behaviours towards smoked fish consumption, particularly among people vulnerable to a higher risk of food poisoning caused by the bacteria Listeria. The reports are intended to provide consumers with justification and rationale for decisions around the FSA’s advice on smoked fish. The risk assessment and survey reports link closely to the FSA’s Listeria webpage, which gives an overview of the risks from Listeria and the foods more likely to carry those risks.