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Role of Biofilms in Campylobacter Transmissions Through the Food Chain


Campylabacter jejuni is a thermophilic, microaerobic, spiral bacterium, which is the leading cause of foodborne gastroenteritis in the develop world. The UK has an annual incidence of 321,000 infections, costing more than £500 million. More than 80% of retail chicken caracses in the UK are contaminated, so investigation into survival of C. jejuni in the food chain is important. Biofilms are thought to conribute to survival, with bacterial shedding from the biofilm allowing cross-contamination of foodstuffs. To study the role of biofilms in food relevant conditions, a model system is being utilised, based on juice collected from chicken meat.

Betts, Roy
Campden BRI
Institute of Food Research, UK
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