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The Role of Central Metabolism in the Successful Infection of Macrophages by Salmonella Typhimurium


This proposal aims to determine whether sugars and fats are used as fuel by the Salmonella during infection. We will do this by blocking the manufacture of specific enzymes and transport proteins involved in the fuel breakdown pathways and seeing whether this reduces the ability of Salmonella to survive inside the SCV. <P>
We will find out whether the same fuel or different types of fuel are used during infection. Macrophages also make a chemical called interferon that stimulates the breakdown pathways of fat in other species of bacteria that live inside macrophages. When these pathways are blocked by stopping specific enzymes involved in the pathway from being produced, the survival of bacteria is reduced. We aim to find out whether interferon stimulates similar breakdown pathways in Salmonella, and whether blocking these pathways also reduces infection. <P>Identification of the breakdown pathways and the chemicals used by Salmonella to survive inside the macrophage is likely to suggest ways of preventing Salmonella infections.

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