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Role of Dietary Short Chain Fatty Acids On Inhibition of Antimicrobial Resistance Transfer In The Gut of Poultry


The emergence of antimicrobial resistance from agriculture is a global concern. Selective pressures due to significant antimicrobials use, including in poultry rearing, drives a desire for alternate methods to combat pathogens and antimicrobial resistance. Prebiotics have been the target for reducing the incidence of bacterial pathogens in the gut of poultry through enrichment of desirable microbes. Prebiotics are non-digestible substrates fermented by the gut microbiota into short chain fatty acids and used for energy and as a regulator of the gastrointestinal tract's physiology. Short chain fatty acids further remodel the gut microbiota in favor of beneficial microbes, and preliminary data indicates inhibitory effects on the conjugal transfer of antimicrobial resistance plasmids. The effect of prebiotics and the derivative short chain fatty acids on the incidence and spread of antimicrobial resistance has not yet been examined. Preliminary data demonstrates a reduction in bacterial conjugation in vitro at physiological levels, however these observations have yet been confirmed in vivo.Our studies will uncover a unique mechanism by which dietary supplementation can reduce the incidence and spread of antimicrobial resistance in the gut and environment of poultry animals. This study will guide the development of optimized diets for the reduction of antimicrobial resistance in the poultry agriculture environment.The objectives of this predoctoral research proposal address the Foundational Program Area: Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health and the Challenge Area: Food Safety. This project will provide the PD with the experience to transition to an independent scientist career focused on host-microbe interactions.

Ott, Logan
Iowa State University
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