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SAFETECHNOPACK - Improving the Scientific and Technological Research Capacity of Food Institute on Safety and Technology of Food Packaging


TUBITAK MRC Food Institute (FI) aims to become one of the leading food science and technology institutes in the EU. In order to achieve its aim FI analysed its weak points, and food packaging technologies are one of them. The main objective of this project is to improve the scientific and technological (S&T) capacity of FI in food packaging technologies. It is believed that FI will increase its participation in FP7 projects by the achievement of this proposal.
Specifically, it is aspired to improve the research capacity in chemical contamination from the food contact materials, and developing new food packaging materials using nanotechnology and active antimicrobial packaging technologies. <P>
SAFETechnoPACK addresses completely the general objectives of the FP7 REGPOT-2007-1. In order to accomplish the main objective, FI has established the following specific objectives corresponding to the below work packages: Upgrading S&T equipment infrastructure: involves the upgrading of the S&T equipment infrastructure of FI on packaging technologies, Recruitment of researchers: involves the recruitment of two researchers in the field of chemistry and polymer science on new packaging technologies, Networking and co-operative activities.

Saklar Ayyildiz, Sena
Tubitak Marmara Research Center
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