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Scientific Conference - EMA


The goal of this project is to host a workshop that addresses existing tools and future needs for economically motivated adulteration (EMA) risk mitigation. EMA, often called “food fraud,” is intentional adulteration of food products for economic gain, and can result in serious risks to consumer health. <p>The specific objectives of this workshop are:</p><p><ol><li> To promote information sharing among stakeholders in academia, industry, and government with a vested interest in deterring, preventing, and responding to incidents of economically motivated adulteration of foods.</li><li> To ensure that all attendees are aware of existing and proposed tools and resources in the area of EMA prevention and mitigation.</li><li> To facilitate a discussion of the needs of each stakeholder group, the ways in which existing tools can help meet those needs, and the path forward for collaboration and creation of future tools for answering unmet EMA risk mitigation needs. </li></ol></p><p>EMA risk mitigation is a rapidly evolving area for industry and regulatory agencies. Recent EMA incidents such as melamine adulteration of infant formula in China and horse meat adulteration of ground beef in Europe have highlighted the need for tools to combat this risk. Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Legislation will likely result in new regulations for industry to control the risk of EMA in food products. This workshop will facilitate a collaborative environment for sharing existing tools and foster a results-­‐‑based discussion about next steps in EMA risk mitigation. </p>

Everstine, Karen
University of Minnesota
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