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SELAMAT - Safety Enhancement of Edible Products, Legislation, Analysis and Management, with ASEM Countries, by Mutual Training & Research


SELAMAT, meaning safety in the Malay language, aims at creating a network for international cooperation on food safety issues between Europe and Asia.

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Food Safety has grown ¡n recent years from a European matter to a world-wide scientific and political issue. The use of modern biotechnology is a guarantee for societal debate, and the continuously increasing analytical technology imposes a major burden on producers and the entire food chain thereafter. The latest debate is on the approach that the western world uses food safety as a new trade barrier, whereas others state that food safety is actually part of food security. Results of FP6 research efforts o n Food Quality and Safety thus need a global setting and dissemination, rather than focus on Europe only. One step further: it might be concluded that the research agenda itself needs a global dimension.
This proposal consists of the start-up phase for such a network, with a limited number of partners. In the course of the project, which will last four years, the partners will: a) set up the network, b) reach growth in partnerships, where a solid participation of the Scientific Community, Political Bodies, Consumer and Producers Associations and Industry and Retail Organisations is embedded particularly well, c) organise one workshop per year, d) organise one course on food safety per year, e) set up a structure for a database for analytical methods, f) evaluate the food safety research agenda in an international perspective.

<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> Web site.

Marvin, Hans
RIKILT Institute of Food Safety
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