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A Sorbent Technology for eDNA Collection and Concentration for Aquaculture Pathogen Detection


This SBIR Phase I proposal aims at demonstrating the feasibility and proof of concept of the first environmental DNA (eDNA) nanosorbent technology for the collection, concentration, and recovery of aquatic eDNA from pathogenic microorganisms to enable more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective disease monitoring in aquaculture environments. The technology would significantly enable and empower management programs in the aquaculture industry, fisheries, invasive species detection, and aquatic ecosystem surveys in the United States.The proposed eDNA aquatic sampling technology will be developed and tested in the following three major steps to answer the question: "Can a nanosorbent specifically and efficiently capture viral and microbial eDNA in aquaculture environments?Specific aim 1: To develop a functional nanosorbent with a high affinity to eDNA,Specific aim 2: To test the efficiency of the developed eDNA nanosorbents,Specific aim 3: To test the feasibility of the new nanosorbent for the capture and recovery of microbial eDNA in real-world samples,

Aboubakr, Hamada
Frontline Biotechnologies Inc.
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