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Southern Region Program To Clear Pest Agents For Minor Use


<p>Obtain minor and specialty use pesticide clearances for food and ornamentals and assist in the maintenance of current registrations. Further the development and registration of microbial and specific biochemical materials for use in pest management systems. Minor crops account for 40-50 percent (approximately 98 percent in Florida) of all U.S. crops. Data for registration of crop protection agents and new reduced chemistries must be obtained for the minor crop growers.</p>

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<p>Consult with all scientists in the IR-4 network to establish and prioritize pesticide and biological needs for specialty crop growers and develop a research plan through a series of workshops. Secure commitments from field research directors to provide performance data and residue samples according to Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs). Select residue projects for the southern region; supervise residue analysis and oversee analytical chemistry operations and insure compliance with GLPs. Assist in the preparation and review of field and laboratory research protocols. Inspect field and laboratory projects on a periodic basis to assure that they are being conducted in compliance with GLPs. Review, approve and transmit data to IR-4 Headquarters for use in pesticide petition package preparation and eventual registration.</p>

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