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Spatial Distribution of Ochratoxin A Contamination in Stored Winter Wheat Grain


1. Study the spatial distribution of OTA at micro level (sample size of several kernels) in 6000 cc. area surrounding a hot spot induced by P. verrucosum inoculation where active P. verrucosum mycelium is being observed under standard grain bin storage conditions.
2. Study distribution of OTA during grain unloading from storage bins containing an induced hot spot located at the highest risk position in the storage bin (top centre of the pile) with the objective of determining how much grain needs to be moved to clear out the contamination.

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Expected Benefits <br/>
The federal government is proposing guidelines regarding the current limit of detection for Ochratoxin A (OTA), a mycotoxin classified as a possible human carcinogen. This study of the spatial distribution of OTA at micro level in on-farm stored grain will provide much needed information on the heterogeneous nature of the contamination. The results will allow for the development of reliable detection and sampling strategies by reducing sample variance and improving the safety of the stored grains.

Schaafsma, Art
University of Guelph
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