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Spectroscopic Thz Radar Imaging For Standoff Explosives Detection


<p>THz RADAR systems provide the ability to enhance optical imagers in a variety of important detection tasks. THz systems have a small enough wavelength to provide image resolution on the order of millimeters, and THz radiation penetrates many materials, such as clothing, wall board, wood, etc., that are opaque to optical and infrared imagers. In addition to their beneficial imaging properties, spectroscopic systems in the THz regime provide the ability to fingerprint molecules based on their absorption features. The team has developed a compact scanning THz radar that will be used to identify materials by considering precision non-imaging THz spectroscopy in the laboratory. The team will also investigate the utility in the environment. The proposed work is aimed at applying high resolution Terahertz spectroscopy techniques to standoff imaging problems. The union of high resolution THz spectroscopy and imaging technology can readily be applied to many important societal needs. For example this technology could be used to quickly inspect mail for chemical or biological agents, look for traces of E-coli in food processing plants, or to check the relative concentration of therapeutic isomers versus non clinical compositions in drugs. The proposed technology also has real potential to help physicians diagnose skin cancer in its earliest stages. On the education front, this proposed effort will involve two graduate students and an undergraduate student, as well as a Masters student.</p>

Tyo, Scott; Young, Abram; Drouet, Christian; Walker, Christopher
University of Arizona
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