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Sponsorship of National Course on Foreign Animal Diseases for Veterinary Students


The need to educate both veterinary students and veterinarians about foreign, emerging, and exotic diseases is increasingly recognized by federal and state agencies, the animal health industry and interested individuals. Use of this course, and the printed resources, by the veterinary colleges is a unique opportunity to bring these concepts to the forefront of veterinary education and to better prepare the U.S. for potential disease outbreaks. Iowa State University (ISU) will use funding from the USDA APHIS to promote veterinary colleges use of an Internet-based course on foreign animal diseases and provide a companion textbook with fact sheets, images and response information for students taking the course and for veterinary students in the class of 2008.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: The expected outcomes and impacts is for Veterinarians and Veterinary Students to: <ol>
Understand the importance of the role of the veterinary profession in preventing, detecting and responding to incursions of emerging and exotic diseases of animals (EEDAs). <li> Understand the potential devastating impact of EEDAs on animal welfare, the national economy, food production and human health. <li> Appreciate the essential role of the OIE, Federal government, and State governments in responding to potential EEDAs. <li> . Have a clear understanding of how to contact the appropriate authorities when an EEDA is suspected.<li> Know the immediate measures to be taken to prevent the spread of a suspected EEDA until the State and/or Federal authorities can fully respond to the situation. <li> Be familiar with OIE reportable diseases and other animal diseases of premier importance to ongoing eradication programs or human health. <li> Know where to search for web-based or print materials with overview and in depth information about EEDAs.<li> Know the salient features of BSE, FMD, screwworm, classical swine fever, avian influenza, and Newcastle disease. </ol>

APPROACH: Project Plan: <ol>
<li> Publicize the grants program and the course to the veterinary colleges and administer the grants program. USDA APHIS Veterinary Services will be acknowledged as the source of the grants program. <li>Communicate regularly with faculty who are offering the course. <li>Promote the course in a variety of methods throughout the cooperative agreement timeframe. <li> Work with the Veterinary Information Network as each college chooses to offer the course. <li>VIN provides a unique course for the institution, individualizes the course based on instructor requests, and educates the instructor in offering an on-line course. <li> Provide an Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals textbook to 343 students enrolled in the EEDA course. </ol>

Roth, James
Iowa State University
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