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Spring Wheat Breeding for Scab Resistance in South Dakota


<p>1) Continue operations involved with increasing acreage planted with varieties with improved FHB resistance to reduce DON in the US grain supply,</p><p> 2) Increase efficiency of coordinated project breeding programs to develop and release FHB resistant varieties, and </p><p> 3) Develop new breeding technologies and germplasm to further enhance short term and long term improvement of FHB resistance and to efficiently introgress effective resistance genes into breeding germplasm.</p>

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<p>Observations pertaining to FHB resistance and DON accumulation levels will be gathered from among entries in several breeding program and cooperative nurseries. Continued testing of the URSN and through collaborations between this and other research programs. Creation of segregating populations, continued operation of established inoculated and mist-irrigated field and greenhouse screening nurseries, and marker-assisted selection.</p>

Costa, J.
South Dakota State University
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