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Student Travel Support For The 2009 North American Membrane Society Annual Meeting In Charleston, Sc June 20-24, 2009


<p>Funding is requested to increase the participation of U.S. students in the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) 2009 national meeting, to be held in Charleston, SC, 20-24 June 2009. The funding will be used to provide partial support of travel and related expenses to students attending the conference. The objective is to encourage student participation in the largest American meeting focused on this subject and, thereby, provide opportunities for them to present their work, meet other scientists and engineers from around the world with similar interests, and attend presentations and poster sessions to learn about the latest research in membrane science and engineering. Membrane processes are used widely in the chemical, petrochemical, food processing, food packaging, medical, energy and biotechnology industries. Funding from this grant would bring students to NAMS 2009 to gain knowledge about the latest research discoveries in membrane science and engineering from around the world. The proposed meeting sponsorship would increase the number of U.S. students who are able to attend NAMS 2009. In addition to 26 technical sessions and a poster session, an extensive student program are planned. Four workshops will provide students with intensive training in fundamental and developing areas of membrane science and engineering. The NSF funding will provide partial travel support for 10 students to attend this meeting, and will be available to students of all genders, ethnicity, and geographic region of the U.S. Applications received from students with disabilities will be encouraged. Student participation in NAMS 2009 will enhance the infrastructure for research by giving students access to leading scientists and engineers from around the world in the technical sessions and in the workshops. Students will have extensive opportunities to network with potential employers and with students and faculty from other research groups with similar interests. Society would benefit from this activity, as participation in NAMS 2009 will educate students who in turn will advance membranes and membrane processes as enabling technologies in a broad range of practical applications vital to the U.S. economy.</p>

Wickramasinghe, Ranil; Husson, Scott
Colorado State University
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