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A Study on the Distribution of Campylobacter in a Subset of Intensive Poultry Flocks on the Island of Ireland and the Identification of Possible Factors Affecting that Distribution


Campylobacters are the most common bacterial cause of acute gastroenteritis in the developed world (Friedman et al. 2001). On the island of Ireland there are approximately 2,500 confirmed cases of campylobacteriosis per year. However, the true burden of Campylobacter infections is thought to be much higher, a point of view supported by such surveys as the safefood acute gastroenteritis telephone survey in 2003. In particular, the epidemiology of Campylobacter infection is still poorly understood.<P>
This project will involve the collection of detailed clinical and microbiological information on cases of Campylobacter infection in order to generate hypotheses as to potential risk factors for infection. Food, animal and human sources of Campylobacter will be targeted. <P>

This project will bring together the Public Health Medical Practitioners, Clinical/Food Laboratory Personnel, Veterinary Health Specialists and Food Safety research

University College Dublin
Cork County Council
Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown
Health Service Executive
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