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SUDEVAB - Sustainable Development of European SMEs Engaged in Abalone Aquaculture


SUDEVAB brings together the main producing SMEs and leading RTD Providers from the abalone aquaculture sector in Europe, for a project that will have a significant impact for developing sustainable abalone aquaculture in Europe. Abalone species have been considered potential candidate for aquaculture for a long time, and in recent years, abalone aquaculture in other parts of the world has surged ahead. However, in Europe production has been restricted by the lack of reasonably priced juveniles, technological problems, and legislative issues.

The opportunity presented by the FP7 call Research for the Benefit of SMEs provides the partners in SUDEVAB with exactly the right vehicle to develop this young aquaculture sector, by harnessing some of the best shellfish aquaculture research facilities and researchers to solve the significant technological problems facing producers, increasing production and competitiveness.

The core of the research work of SUDEVAB is aimed at solving the main technical problems encountered by abalone growers in Europe in the areas of; pathology, genetics, nutrition, and sustainable culture technology. However, abalone producers also have serious issues which need to be resolved alongside the main research work including; legislation, hygiene and food safety and marketing issues. These are blended in the research programme to maximise the results, and raise awareness of the project as a whole.
To ensure that SUDEVAB maximises its impact, and for the long term benefit of the sector, the project will finally establish a producer's organisation that will serve as a network, dissemination point and future collaboration hub for the sector, allowing trans-national development and marketing support to continue.

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Funded under 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme)

Dallimore, John
Aqua-Gold (Fisheries) GMBH
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