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Survey of PFOS and Related Fluorochemicals in Food


<OL> <LI> An improved analytical method was developed and validated for the
determination of PFOS and related fluorochemicals. This method
delivered reproducible analyses at low levels (1 ìg/kg RL) in all foods
for the 11 selected analytes.
<LI> This method was then applied to the analysis of an initial 199 individual
food samples.
<LI> PFOS and PFCs were found mainly in the fish, shellfish, crustaceans and
offal food groups.
<LI> A further 53 food samples of fish, crustaceans and offal were then
obtained and analysed.
<LI> This survey of 11 fluorochemicals in each of 252 individual food items is
almost certainly the largest single study of the occurrence and levels of
PFOS and PFCs in foods undertaken to date.
<LI> No samples were found in this survey of UK food that might be
considered to be ‘highly contaminated’ with PFCs.
<LI> The two highest contamination levels were for PFOS at 60 ìg/kg in a
sample of smoked eel, and at 40 ìg/kg in a sample of whitebait. The
highest level in an offal sample was 10 ìg/kg in a wild Roe deer liver.
<LI> The 8 samples with total PFCs at >15 ìg/kg were all in the fish group
where contamination was expected (fish, shellfish, crustaceans). 5
samples (including a liver) contained 5-14 ìg/kg. 14 samples (including
liver and kidneys) contained 5-9 ìg/kg. A further 26 samples (fish and
offal) contained 3-4 ìg/kg and 23 samples (including eggs, processed
peas, popcorn and potatoes) contained 1-2 ìg/kg.
<LI> Primary food produce such as meat, milk, cereals, vegetable and fish

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