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Susceptibility of Cattle with the E211K PR


The objective of this cooperative research project is to investigate the influence of the bovine Pmp gene polymorphisms, E211K, on the susceptibility to BSE. Specifically, the research project will provide 134 embryos that will be used to generate approximately 62 animals, 31 of which will contain the rare allele for the purposes BSE research.

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NON-TECHNICAL SUMMARY: Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine's Embryo Transfer Unit will breed one heifer, collect 134 embryos and transfer the embryos to 134 recipient bovine females. The unit will deliver these calves by c-section and hold the calves until genotyping is complete. Select calves will be placed back into possesion of USDA as soon as possible after parturition. <P>APPROACH: To achieve the research goals it is imperative to increase the number of animals available to studet this Pmp polmorphism. One female calf of the 2006 BSE case was identified and carries the E211K allele. The specific objectives are to be accomplished through the production of multilpleoffspring from this E211K heifer through superovulation and embryo transfer. Approximately 50% of the offspring will be heterozygous for the E211K polymorphism while the others will serve as genetically matched non-E211K controls. collection of semen from an E211K heterozygous bull will allow creation of E211K homozygotes. To protect this unique resource immediate collection of embryos is necessary. The initial goal is to harvest 134 embryos that should result in approximately 62 pregnancies (halvf of which will carry the #211K polymorphism) for immediate use in the studies to amplify the #211K material, test for genetic susceptibility to BSE, and develop a breeding group to produce calves for transmissitility studies.

West, James
Iowa State University
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