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Symposium On Biosensors For Agriculture: The National Roadmap Atlanta, Ga


<p>Simonian Foodborne disease, chemical adulteration, and food fraud are emerging public health threats due to the complex and global nature of our food supply chain. The heightened public awareness of adulterated and contaminated food products has brought increased pressure on governments, health organizations, industry and agriculture from around the world to combat these problems and ensure the safety and authenticity of our food supply. We propose to convene a symposium on Biosensors for Agriculture to address sensor technologies to confront these issues. The symposium will be held in conjunction with the Electrochemical Society?s annual fall meeting in San Francisco. This one day symposium will consist of 1) Invited Presentations describing recent sensor research and organizational roadmaps; 2) a Panel Discussion session to identify technology gaps not being addressed by current efforts; 2) an open forum Research Poster Session; and 4) a Poster Contest to encourage student research on biosensors. This symposium will lead to innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to ensure food safety for consumers.</p>

Simmonian, Aleksander L; Chin, Bryan
Auburn University
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