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Technologies for Reducing Foodborne Microorganisms and Extending Water Use in Food Processing


To develop methodology for reducing microorganisms in foods and for effecting reuse of process fluids. Specific methods include: <OL> <LI> gaseous chlorine dioxide disinfection technology for foods and food contact media; <LI> electrolytic generation of disinfectants to clarify and disinfect process fluids; <LI>analytical methodologies to improve chemical disinfection and to increase understanding of disinfectant action and fate.

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<OL> <LI> Disinfection of foods by chlorine dioxide gas: assess the bactericidal effectiveness of chlorine dioxide gas partial pressure, treatment time, temperature, recirculation rate, physical layout of products, microbial strains and loads, product quality etc. on substrate fruits, vegetables, etc. <LI> Electroflotation: Design and evaluate bench-scale prototypes and apply to model fluids and process samples to define contaminant removal (chloride, nitrate, nitrite, sulfate, etc.) <LI>Analytical methods: Evaluate and assess methods using high performance ion chromatography and a novel polarographic membrane device to lower the detection limit of disinfectant species and to identify and minimize interferences to the measurement. </ol>
Replaces 5325-42000-024-00D (1/01).

Robertson, George; Huxsoll, Charles; Hernlem, Bradley; Tsai, Lee
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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