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Tests of Salmonella Sub-unit Proteins as Vaccines for Broiler Chickens


<p>This proposal addresses the Foundation's Specific Research Priority "Identify and validate interventions to reduce pathogen contamination of poultry parts." Our overall project goals are to identify the Salmonella protein antigens that are able to induce humoral immune response in broilers, and consequently these antibodies can prevent Salmonella colonization in the broiler gastrointestinal tracts (GI). The specific objectives of this proposal are to: (1) Purify recombinant Salmonella proteins from recombinant E. coli cell lysates. (2) To assess the immune response and protection of broilers after immunization with these recombinant Salmonella proteins. (3) To evaluate the GI microbiota of broilers following immunization with these recombinant Salmonella proteins.</p>

Yeh, Hung-Yueh
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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