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TRAIN-NET FUTURE - Training Network for National Contact Points and Support Organisations with Special Focus on Candidate Countries in the Areas of Food Quality and Safety


The overall objective of the TrainNet Future project is to raise the quantity and quality of research projects from participants as partners or coordinators - particularly from Candidate Countries - in all types of instruments, in Thematic Priority 5 "Food Quality and Safety" (TP5) of FP6. Thereby, the project will ensure an increased number of successful participants for FP6 and foster the cooperation between research communities from Member States, Associated and Candidate Countries, thus contributing to the creation of a real European Research Area.

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This overall objective will be achieved by two major lines of activities: 1. capacity building and supporting the network of the National Contact Points (NCP) and support organisations, in Candidate Countries and Member and Associated States, and 2. by supporting the research communities in Candidate Countries with tailor-made information, assistance and services. For the implementation, a workplan consisting of 7 workpackages has been put together, including S tart-up phase, Training for NCPs, Training for researchers, Exchange of experience & expertise, Match-making, Call information network, and Management. The project consortium comprises 26 partners from 25 countries, including 12 Candidate Countries, 2 Associated States and 12 ED Member States. The project will remain open for any other non-participating countries where the activities foreseen are for wide interest. The TrainNet Future project is relevant to the objectives of Thematic Priority 5, since it will support the participation of researchers from academia & industry particularly from Candidate Countries in TP5. Specific emphasis will be given to Candidate Country researchers' participation in the new instruments. The TrainNet Future project is in line with key elements of strategic Specific Support Actions, since its core activities relate to "Linking with Candidate Countries", "Promotion of SME participation" and "Realisation of ERA objectives'

<P>For more information about this project, please visit the <a href="…; target="_blank">European Commission Food Quality and Safety in Europe</a> or the <a href="; target="_blank">TRAINNET FUTURE </a> Web sites.

Groo, Dora
Hungarian Science and Technology Foundation
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