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Transfer of Radioactivity from Seaweed to Terrestrial Foods and Potential Radiation Exposures


<p>Information on farming practices, animal husbandry and food consumption were gathered from participating local land users from sites around Scotland. Samples of seaweed and seaweed-treated soil were collected and analysed for Technicium-99 (99Tc). All the information was used to assess the potential radiation dose from consuming the foodstuffs produced on land treated with seaweed.</p>

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<p>Background: Routine monitoring by the Food Standards Agency has indicated that some radionuclides released from Sellafield can be biologically accumulated by certain types of seaweed. In parts of Scotland seaweed is routinely used as a soil conditioner and also consumed by farm animals grazing on the foreshore. These pathways represent potential routes by which radionuclides released could enter the food chain. </p>

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