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Transmission of AMR bacteria during the processing of chicken meat


Given that the FSA has made a commitment to strengthen the evidence around AMR and the food chain within the 2019-2024 AMR National Action Plan, we are funding a study to assess the transmission of AMR-E. coli and Campylobacter during the processing of chicken UK slaughterhouses and cutting plants. This project will track batches of chicken as they progress through the different stages in the slaughterhouse and cutting plants to improve our understanding of the transmission and flow of AMR in the food chain. This study will consist of 7 phases: A systematic review of pertinent literature that will inform finalisation of the sampling strategy and analysis protocols will be carried out at the start of the study. Develop a robust sampling map for sample collection. Sample collection from slaughterhouses both carcases and environmental sampling, and identification culture / preliminary antimicrobial susceptibility testing. Determine antibiotic resistance profiles in E. coli and Campylobacter isolates recovered. Undertake shallow shotgun metagenomics to identify diverse organisms present in the samples and their AMR genes, Mobile genetic elements and/or bacteriophages in samples taken from key points. Interpretation and dissemination of project findings nationally and internationally. A final report will be produced as well as Publication of research findings in peer reviewed open access literature and presentations at scientific conferences.

Bukola Onarinde
TEC Partnership, Freedman Scientific Consultants
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