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TSTAR Agricultural Research at the University of Guam for FY 2006/09


The objectives of the work to be conducted under the 2006 UOG unified proposal for agriculture research are: <ol> <LI> To investigate the causal organism and develop mitigation strategies for arecanut bud rot on Guam (Wall). <LI> To develop and implement biological control of pink hibiscus mealybug on Guam (Reddy). <LI> To develop practices utilizing soil amendments and to understand the role of indigenous mycorrhizae (Marutani). <LI> To investigate how to improve adaptability of hot pepper to agro-climate of the Western Pacific (Marutani).<LI> To obtain Corynespora cassiicola isolates from numerous locations in the Pacific and the Caribbean and to determine the risk posed to American agriculture by the non-restricted importation of plant material infected with C. cassiicola (Schlub). <LI> To study the biology of the gall-fly, investigate spread of the gallfly from the release site, its effect on plant growth, and the interaction between P. pseudoinsulata and C. connexa in suppressing C. odorata (Muniappan). <LI> To introduce the Thailand and China strains of C. fulvus in two different parts of Guam, to record their spatial and temporal spread, to evaluate their efficacy in the laboratory and field, and to introduce and evaluate the parasitoid Arrhenophagus chionaspidis from Florida (Muniappan). <LI> To define the genetic structure of the Cycas populations among the island habitats of Guam, Rota, Yap, Palau, and the Philippines, then apply this knowledge to define critical conservation efforts (Marler). <LI> To develop databases of invasive organisms in Hawaii, Guam, and in the U.S. Pacific, that pose a potential threat for invasion. <LI> To develop control mechanisms for eradication/suppression of non-indigenous/invasive species<LI> To improve and implement effective early detection and prevention strategies<LI> To develop Integrated Pest Management strategies for major exotic plant and animal pests and diseases (Miller). <LI> To administer FY-2006 University of Guam TSTAR project in an efficient, coherent and timely manner (Wiecko). <LI> To address emerging research needs, to fill aquaculturist faculty position (Wiecko)

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Non-Technical Summary: A number of agricultural problems beset the tropical islands in the western Pacific. This project is designed to address the challenges of tropical agriculture. <P> Approach: The College of Natural and Applied Sciences houses the land grant research programs of the University of Guam. As such the University of Guam is the primary US land grant institution in the American Affiliated Western Pacific, with a research faculty of 10 full-time Ph.D-s in a wide variety of disciplines. In addition three other PhD scientists conduct land grant-related research in the college in various capacities. Facilities in the college include a new 35,000 square foot research and extension building, research facilities on-campus and 3 experimental farms distributed across the island of Guam totaling 140 acres in three different habitat types. The UOG Agricultural Experiment Station has participated in the TSTAR program for many years. The objective of this unified project will be conducted eleven sub-projects by faculty members of college organizations including the Agriculture Experiment Station, and Cooperative Extension Service. Six of the ten are currently active sub-projects with additional funding included into this proposal for continued work. Prior unified grant projects will be terminated as they expire. There are also five new sub-projects in this unified proposal. Specific procedural details for each of the sub-projects are given in the appendices.

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University of Guam
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