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Two-year Bioassay in Rats Administered Malachite Green or Leucomalachite Green in the Diet


To determine the risk associated with exposure to malachite green or leucomalachite green.

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FY 2000 Accomplishments: 1) Bioassay and mechanistic studies are ongoing. 2) A paper describing mechanistic studies has been accepted. Another paper was published. 3) An addenum was initiated to investigate the mutagenicity of malachite green and derivatives in the Big Blue Rat.

FY 2001 Plans:1) Complete In-life phase of bioassay with malachite green/leucomalachite green in rats. 2) Complete pathology on bioassay (NTP report will be completed in 2002). 3) Mechanistic studies will continue, with emphasis on the role of demethylated metabolites in the metabolic activation of malachite green/leucomalachite green. 4) Initiate In-life phase of Big Blue Rat experiment with malachitegreen/leucomalachite green.

DHHS/FDA - National Center for Toxicological Research
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