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Uncertainties in Assessing Doses to Members of the Public due to Radioactive Discharges to the Marine Environment


This work aimed to provide an appreciation of the uncertainties involved in the assessment of doses from the discharge of radioactive waste to the marine environment. Sensitivity analyses of these uncertainties would indicate their influence on dose outputs. Further research could target areas of greatest uncertainty. The ultimate achievement would be an improvement in the accuracy and precision of assessments.

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The system of modelling dispersion, uptake and dosimetry was broken down into the following components: the underlying assumptions of the CEFAS models (WAT and ADO); assumptions and uncertainties about the discharged effluent; the uncertainty of the values of the parameters that feed the models; uncertainties in the habits and consumption data obtained from surveys of the local people. <p>These were investigated through either desk study or sensitivity analysis of the model to input parameters. The likely range of parameter values was established through consultation with experts at CEFAS.
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Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences (CEFAS)
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