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Understanding Competitive Exclusion through Microbial Ecology


<ol><li>Develop an increased understanding of the microbial ecology of the gut and the mode of action of CE as it relates to improving the benefits of CE,
<li>To improve the efficacy of CE cultures and examine methods of delivery of a CE product to young turkeys to protect against epizoonotic pathogens, and
<li>To determine if CE can be used to reduce or eliminate antimicrobial chemicals without reducing feed efficiency, growth rates, and disease-free states. </ol>

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Using a combination of in vivo and in vitro culture systems, we will study the effect of the interactions of normal microflora, the colonizing enteropathogens, and the gut on the ability of CE cultures to exclude enteropathogens. Challenge studies with chickens and turkeys will be conducted under all objectives, and will involve challenges of 10**2 to 10**9 cfu of several enteropathogens at various post-inoculation times. Success of interventions will be ascertained by determining if enteropathogens are reduced without adversely affecting growth, feed efficiency, morbidity, mortality, volatile fatty acids, changes in pH in the gut, and degree of organ invasion. To determine if the use of antimicrobial agents can be reduced or eliminated without adversely affecting performance and bird health, chicks will be fed basal diets: 1) without added antibiotics and CE treatment, 2) with the commonly used growth promoting antibiotics (individually as well as the standard mixtures), 3) with birds orally gavaged with CE culture at one day of age.
Previously was 6202-42000-016-00D (05/01).

Hume, Michael; Ziprin, Richard; Byrd, James
USDA - Agricultural Research Service
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