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Update of the EFSA comprehensive European food consumption database (2013–2014).


"Successful tenderer(s) will be asked to provide EFSA with data from their most recent national dietary survey or from a survey carried out in a special population group in their country and not currently covered in the comprehensive database (see Table 1 and 2) or in the above described series of collaboration agreements signed in 2011 and 2012.
The overall objectives of the contract resulting from the present procurement procedure are as follows:
1. provide EFSA with raw food consumption and related data in a format compatible with the comprehensive database,
2. provide EFSA with a detailed description of the methodology employed in the dietary survey within which the abovementioned food consumption data have been collected.
The specific objectives of the contract(s) resulting from the present procurement procedure are as follows:
1. Provide EFSA with a detailed schema of the database in which the food consumption and related data are stored
2.All food descriptors present in the national food consumption database to be coded according to the FoodEx2 food classification system
3. Control the consistency of the data provided to EFSA with the original database."

National Food Institute (Technical University Denmark)
University of Galati
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