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Uptake, Distribution, and Release of Vibrio Vulnificus from Oysters


The objective is to compare the uptake, spread,and ultimate release of virulent and avirulent strains of V. vulnificus from oysters. These comparisons will determine if strains virulent to humans are more or less likely to be taken up, bound, or purged from shellfish than the avriulent strains.

More information

Such information is needed to assess the feasibility of developing monitoring programs for virulent forms of V.vulnificus in shellfish and of depuration as a means to enhance the safety of molluscan shellfish.

Research to include: a) evaluate the uptake, distribution, and depuration of virulent and avirulent strains of V. vulnificus from oysters; b) determine the specific site of V. vulnificus sequestration within shellfish tissues; c) purify and identify potential virulence proteins associated with virulent strains of V. vulnificus; d) develop rapid and simple assays for the detection and differentiation of virulent strains of V. vulnificus.

Richards, Gary
Delaware State University
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