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U.S FDA Support for AFDO Educational Conference


Project Summary
With this conference and scientific grant, the Association of Food and Drug
Officials (AFDO) will be able to support its members by providing scholarships for
up to 20 participants from across the nation. These scholarships will assist AFDO
members to travel to the annual meeting. Funds from this grant will also be used
to assist conference speakers to travel, and also help cover conference
audio/visual costs. The AFDO conference provides an opportunity for members to
network with other food, drug, and consumer product safety officials, as well as
industry representatives, provides continuing education, and collaboration on
food, drug, and consumer product safety program successes, innovations, and
challenges. By applying for continuing funds for five years, AFDO is able to provide
members with steady funding for conference participation, which may lead to
greater membership retention and growth.

Mandernach, Steven
Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO)
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