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Use of High Hydrostatic Pressure for the Preservation of Foods


<li>To determine the effects of high pressure on the growth characteristics of psychrotrophs.</li>
<li>To determine changes in the microbiological quality and safety of foods after pressure treatment.</li>
<li>To investigate the survival of L. monocytogenes in cheese made form pressure-treated milk.</li>
<li>High pressure inactivation of viruses in shellfish.</li>

More information

<li>Changes in growth characteristics in psychrotrophs were noticed after pressure treatment.. e.g. lag phase was extended in Listeria.</li>
<li>The quality of pressure treated carrot juice was monitored during storage at ideal and abuse refrigeration temperatures..</li>
<li>Pressure treatment significantly reduced numbers of L. monocytogenes inoculated into milk and the pathogen was not recovered in soft cheese made from the milk.</li>
<li>High pressure was effective at reducing levels of Bovine Enterovirus and Feline Calicivirus in mussels and oysters.</li>

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