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Utilizing Minnesota?s Standardization Data to Support Training Initiatives


Project SummaryThe objective of the proposed project ?Utilizing Minnesota?s Standardization Data to SupportTraining Initiatives? is to utilize the Minnesota Department of Health?s standardization data todevelop and implement specific training objectives and materials for food inspection staff. MDHhas been tracking disagreements and ?swings? during standardization exercises. We willanalyze this data to target concepts that inspectors are having trouble with duringstandardization exercises, and identify training opportunities to close this gap.The expected outcome is a trained workforce with the skills and knowledge to perform qualityretail food inspections. This effort supports FDA?s mission to build an integrated national foodsafety system in partnership with state and local authorities. For jurisdictions enrolled in the FDAVoluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards, standardization provides ameans to achieve Standard 2.Specific Aim 1: Maintain standardization rates statewide.Our standardization coordinator will ensure a standardization rate of 90% or more for eligibleMDH staff, and increase the statewide standardization rate to 85%.Specific Aim 2: Analyze MDH standardization data.Data from 2019 and 2020 standardization exercises will be analyzed to identify trends indisagreements between FDA Standardized staff and inspection staff.Specific Aim 3: Develop and implement training tools to address knowledge gaps.Training opportunities and tools will be developed, focusing on areas of disagreements andmisunderstandings during standardization exercises. Training will be disseminated viaRegulators? Breakfast meetings, new inspector ?core? training, and at the annual standardizationin-service, at minimum.

Diaz, Steven
Tennessee State Department of Health
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