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Value Enhancement of Health, Nutrition and Economic Traits of Cereal Grains


The goals of this project are to enhance the health, food functional, nutritional and economic value of cereal grain crops grown in the state and region. The efforts will be geared toward improved and enhanced food production and increased monetary and health value cash crops such as wheat, oats and corn.To investigate the rheological traits and food functionalitytraits of South Dakota wheat varieties in new applications (Asian noodle, tortilla, pizza dough, flat breads) with a view to expanded food uses and determination of genetic and environmental causes of wheat constituent and functionality variability.To evaluate the nutritional and dietary fiber composition fiber of oat cultivars used in the US food supply using rapid and non-destructive techniques such as Near Infrared analyticalTo investigate the development of high-value wheat fractions (vital gluten, high-selenium bran, high selenium and whole white wheat) that increases the economic and health benefits of South Dakota
grown wheatTo provide collaborative assistance in the discipline of Cereal Chemistry and Wheat Quality to the winter and spring wheat breeding programs as well as the Oat Breeding Program at South Dakota State UniversityTo engage with food companies in the investigation of rapid food quality evaluation tools and instruments.To increase the value (wholesomeness, safety and efficacy) of corn and corn fractions through the development of new food ingredients, nutraceuticals, and bioactive food agents.Success in these goals and achievement of the objectives will result in:increased profitabilityto farmers and producersincreased acceptance and use of SD wheat and oat varieties used in food processingAlong-term quality assurance of agricultural materialsincreasedmonetary value of cash crops used in new foodapplicationsNew finished food ingredients and food products with heath benefits and nutritional valueAccess of information to plant breeders (wheat and oats) leadingto development of new
geneticlines and varieties.Development of new tools and advanced instruments to investigatebread baking potentialNew blends of cereal grain fractions with enhanced proteins, dietary fiber and bioative constituents.

Krishnan, P; Treml, ME, CA.; Sehgal, SU; Martinez, SE, MO.; Glover, KA; Anderson, JI; Anand, SA
South Dakota State University
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