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Virulence Factor Secretion by Pathogenic Bacteria


<ol> <LI>Identify and characterize proteins secreted by pathogenic bacteria that cause food-born illensses. <LI>To define the molecular basis for proteins secretion by pathogenic bacteria.

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Non-Technical Summary: Many Gram negative pathogens secreted proteins that contribute to virulence. The mechanisms by which these virulence factors are secreted by food-born pathogenic bacteria are not fully defined The goal of this research is to better define the molecular basis for virulence factor secretion and the results may potentially lead to novel approaches to limit or prevent food-born illnesses. <P> Approach: Genetic and molecular approaches will be used to determine the basis of virulence factor secretion by bacterial type III secretion systems of bacteria that cause food-born diseases.

Young, Glenn
University of California - Davis
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