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West Virginia Conformance With Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards


Project SummaryThe West Virginia Conformance with Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory ProgramStandards (VNRFRPS) project is designed to advance West Virginia Bureau for PublicHealth?s (WVBPH) conformance with the VNRFRPS. The WVBPH VNRFRPS projectincludes updating regulatory requirements, implementing innovative outreach strategiesfor industry and consumers, and maintaining an environmental health electronic reportingsystem for food inspections. The program plans to develop a train-the-trainer program toprovide food safety training to a school-age audience. WVBPH also intends to meet face-to-face with a person-in-charge at each facility regulated by the agency to discuss controlof food safety risk factors.The state?s food protection program will be strengthened by identification of out-of-controlrisk factors in the retail food setting by the inspectors and facilities, and training in how toimplement control measures to reduce the risk of foodborne illness. The project will makethe state?s program comparable to retail food programs across the state and nationenrolled in VNRFRPS, resulting in a more integrated food safety system. WVBPH plansshare training materials developed as part of this project with other regulatory agencies.

Vallandingham, Judy E
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
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