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Winter Wheat Breeding Program


Objectives are partitioned into long term (breeding) and shorter term (research) objectives.Wheat Breeding Objectives:To develop and release varieties of soft red winter wheat and/or enhanced germplasm with improved grain yield and end use quality.To increase the biological efficiency of soft red winter wheat through discovery and introgression of genes for traits, e.g. disease resistance, that will maximize production in Missouri, surrounding states, and throughout the soft red winter wheat production region.To pyramid known sources of relevant disease resistances (stripe rust, stem rust, FHB) and known QTL into Missouri advanced breeding lines.Research Objectives:To saturate chromosomes carrying FHB QTL in Truman with SNPs in an effort to refine molecular markers for FHB resistance.To validate QTL for all four FHB resistance traits in Truman.To investigate the genetics of the FHB resistance in the Missouri variety MO 080104.To continue the discovery of potentially novel sources of
resistance through systematic screening of all advanced breeding lines.

McKendry, AN.
University of Missouri - Columbia
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