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Workshop for Industry-Academia Collaboration in Advanced Manufacturing; 2020 ASME International MSEC and 48th NAMRC; Cincinnati, Ohio; 22-23 June 2020


This award provides a forum to facilitate collaboration between industry and academia in advanced-manufacturing research, education, and workforce development. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC) and the Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC) held 22-23 June 2020, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attendees from industry, academia and government will come together to identify research needs to advance U.S. manufacturing, discuss challenges, and identify the resources required to foster and build strong collaborations. Representatives from select USA Manufacturing Institutes will share their research roadmaps as an aid to identify fundamental research projects to resolve real-world industry manufacturing problems. Presentations and a summary of the discussions will be made publicly available on the workshop website and a follow-up virtual meeting will be scheduled within six months of the workshop, followed by a full report.<br/><br/>The overall objectives of the workshop are to (1) identify the future research needs for promoting the technical innovation ecosystem and the base capabilities and capacity of U.S. manufacturing, (2) identify challenges and benefits of Industry-Academia collaboration, (3) present research roadmaps for selected Manufacturing USA Institutes, (4) formulate fundamental research projects involving real-world problems in industry, and (5) identify resources necessary to conduct the highlighted research projects. This workshop will help not only fill a significant void in the formulation of Industry-Academia partnerships but also encourage partnerships between industry, academia, and governmental agencies. This will help maximize the impact of the governmental support on promoting the base capabilities and capacity of U.S. manufacturing.<br/><br/>This award reflects NSF's statutory mission and has been deemed worthy of support through evaluation using the Foundation's intellectual merit and broader impacts review criteria.

Hitomi Yamaguchi Greenslet; Sangkee Min
University of Florida
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