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Wyoming Wildlife/Livestock Disease Research Partnership: Studies of Brucellosis, Chronic Wasting Disease, and West Nile Virus Infections


We propose to investigate three diseases of major importance to wildlife and livestock: brucellosis, chronic wasting disease, and West Nile virus infection. Efficacy and safety of strain RB51 in pregnant cows, susceptibility of deer to scrapie and sheep to chronic wasting disease, and the pathogenesis of West Nile virus infection in sage grouse will be investigated.

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The interaction of livestock and wildlife may lead to mutual and shared diseases. This project will study three serious diseases that may have implications for livestock and wildlife.
Brucellosis RB51 vaccination will be studied in pregnant cows during three time points in pregnancy. Safety, serologic and immunologic responses will be studied. Susceptibility of deer to scrapie and sheep to chronic wasting disease will be investigated by oral exposure. Experimental animals will be monitored during potential incubation periods. Pathogenesis of West Nile virus will be investigated in greater sage grouse. Morbidity and mortality will be monitored in these birds.

Williams, Elizabeth
University of Wyoming
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