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Young people and food allergies and intolerances


The specific aims of this research were to:

Understand the profile of this cohort of young people
Characterise their experience of living with a food allergy/intolerance or other food condition
Explore their experiences of eating out, specifically when not with someone who provides support
Identify key support mechanisms for young people eating out with a food allergy/intolerance
The research was supported by Allergy UK and Anaphylaxis Campaign, who allowed us to contact their membership providing our targeted sample base.

Findings from this research provide more detailed data on young people and the challenges associated with living with a food allergy or intolerance and will inform a planned campaign targeting young people when eating out or ordering food, especially when moving away from home. Findings also provide a baseline against which subsequent surveys can be benchmarked.

Survey Monkey, an online platform, was used for data collection on 28 questions. The survey questionnaire was designed and piloted by us and peer reviewed by an independent expert.

Sarah Kovacs
Food Standards Agency
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