Law Enforcement and Crime

police in uniform showing badge: Copyright iStock PhotoLaw Enforcement and first responder information that include data, funding, state contacts, and K-9 resources.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

"A portal that enables Federal, State, Local, and Tribal First Responders to easily access and leverage federal web services, information on resources, products, standards, testing and evaluation, and best practices, in a collaborative environment."

United States Department of Agriculture. 

  • Community Facilities Loans and Grants (10.766) supports law enforcement (police/sheriff) facilities, vehicles and equipment. Additional information, including state contacts, is available at: Community Facilities Program.

United States Department of Justice.

U.S. Department of Justice. National Institute of Justice.

" is a central, reliable resource to help you understand what works in justice-related programs and practices. Our purpose is to assist in practical decision-making and program implementation by gathering information on specific justice-related programs and practices and reviewing the existing evaluation and meta-analysis research against standardized criteria."

USDOJ. OJP. National Institute of Justice. National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center.

"...serves criminal justice agencies with fewer than 50 sworn officers, along with rural, tribal and border agencies within the United States."

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