Rural Public Health

Arm of a person in green health uniform and stethoscope. (iStock)Providing resource information on public health topics for rural communities and healthcare providers.

Rural Health Information Hub

"When emergencies happen in rural communities, especially if they are severe or prolonged, the resource demands on local response agencies and healthcare facilities will quickly be consumed and these events become disasters. Disasters have complex impacts whether they are natural or man-made and can occur without warning."

Veterans Affairs. Office of Rural Health.

"Using this toolkit can increase partnerships between VA and rural communities and enhance VA?s ultimate goal of "Improving the quality of life for Veterans who live in rural communities." "

The Rural Health Information Hub, formerly the Rural Assistance Center, is funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy

"...a national clearinghouse on rural health issues. We are committed to supporting healthcare and population health in rural communities. The RHIhub is your guide to improving health for rural residents—we provide access to current and reliable resources and tools to help you learn about rural health needs and work to address them."